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Residential & Commercial Professional Cleaning Services

Price list

    Prices listed below are approximate. The final price bid depends on many aspects (character and degree of pollution, size of cleaned area, material, availability of cleaned areas, cleaning method). Prices are listed without VAT  ax (VAT for individuals 15%, economic entities 21%).

     We will provide you a concise quote as soon as we have more detailed information about your order. Transportation in Prague 150 CZK, different location 7CZK per km.

Pavement exterior (interlocking pavement, concrete)
• Cleaning of 50Kč / m2 in case of common pollution (minimum price for the trip CZK 3,000)
• areas over 200m2 35Kč / m2
• addition of grouting sand (if necessary) 8Kč / m2 (includes sand price)

• hand extractor cleaning 35 CZK / m2 (suitable for areas up to 50m2)
• depth cleaning (renovation) by Rotovac 55 CZK / m2 (area 50m2 up to 100m2)
• Areas above 100m2 depend on to a pollution level of 30-40 CZK / m2
• dry cleaning 50 CZK / m2 (area up to 50m2, larger area = discount)
• The price includes vacuuming professional mashine with a tapping head

Minimum order price 800 CZK

• one seat on the sofa 240Kč
• 240 CZK chair


Minimum order price 800 CZK

• machine floor cleaning from 35Kč / m2 depending on the type of material and the extent of the pollution
• Machine floor waxing 15Kč / m2

• cleaning / washing with pressurized water from ground 45Kč / m2 up to 3m
• cleaning / washing with pressure water from ladder or scaffolding (over 3m) 65Kč / m2
• Transport, construction and rental of scaffolding is not included in the price

• cleaning 45Kč / m2
• protective paint 30Kč / m2, + purchase price of paint of his choice


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